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HMC Instrumentation & Controls is a Texas limited liability company located in Houston that specializes in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic instrumentation packages. We turnkey manufacture custom control systems that are built to your specifications and requirements. Tel. 832-252-9280 Fax. 713-462-1453

Field Service



With nearly 300 field service hands, we provide professional quality installation and maintenance on a variety of control systems and equipment.

Trouble shooting, repair work, or new construction,  you can expect a high level of expertise and professiionalism from our service hands.


Instrument Fitters •  Electricians  Welders

Pipefitters •  Mechanical Assemblers and Helpers


We provide certified crews for Hook-up, commissioning and completions.

When you need qualified support, call the professionals.


– Safety Quality Teamwork


We employ industry experienced, highly trained and properly qualified service men who perform jobs which require a high level of technical expertise regarding controls. When you utilize the personnel from our field service department, you will have a crew that is qualified to complete your project safely, on time and constructed of the highest quality craftsmanship.





Our Instrument Fitters are professional craftsmen. Their expertise and knowledge comes with a focus on Safety, Quality and Production Schedule.  With our next generation (Training) program we are working to supply the future with quality instrument Fitters. Whether IT’S trouble shooting, repair work or new construction you can depend on HMC instrumentation & Controls to get the job done safely, on time and of the highest quality in the industry. Find out more about our Instrument Fitters ...




Our electricians are licensed journeymen experienced with equipment relating to the upstream sector of the oil & gas industry. They are skilled troubleshooters who have solid understanding of Electrical Principles & Safety working on full range of voltages up to 13.2 KVAC. Equipment includes: Transformers, motor starters and high voltage distribution systems. motor control centers and switchgears. New construction, troubleshooting and repairing electrical control systems, AC or DC drives, and PLC's. 


Fabrication/ Welding



HMC Instrumentation & Controls provides welders and welding services for the oil AND gas industry. Whether IT’S stainless steel tubing applications, socket weld 6G or A36 steel plate, our welders are proven to get the job done right. All of our welders GO through the standard certification testing process and are qualified before they perform work for us or any of our clients. (GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and/or SMAW.) HMC welders are certified accroding to our welding specification and all have PQR's.



We make every effort to respond quickly to your order for service and we can have your project staffed with Professional Industry Experienced SUPPORT in just a few hours in some cases. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you now. Call 832-252-9280.


– Safety Quality Teamwork



Safety is everyone’s concern and we take safety very seriously at HMC Instrumentation and Controls. We have established a health, safety, and environment (HS&E) program to address the issues and to be in compliance with the relevant state, and federal regulations for the geographical areas in which we operate.

HMC personnel and staff are trained in the safety policies, procedures and general safety practices as defined in the HSE Manual and each employee is responsible for ensuring their personal safety as well as counseling with fellow employees when they see unsafe acts.

It is our goal to be proactive in safety and to constantly improve safety and consistently strive for a safe work place for everyone at all times.

HMC Instrumentation & Controls

- Safety Quality Teamwork


safety quality teamwork