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Safety Quality Teamwork


HMC Instrumentation and Controls is a Texas limited liability company located in Houston that specializes in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic instrumentation packages. We turnkey manufacture custom control systems built to your specifications and requirements. Tel. 832-252-9280 Fax. 713-462-1453



We manufacture a variety of products to be utilized in the oil and gas industry.



       Wellhead Control System

       Local Control Room Instrumentation

       Hydraulic Power Units

       Local Control Panels (I.E. Wellhead, ESD)

       Fire Water Systems

       Test & Flush Equipment

       Topside Umbilical Termination Unit 




Installation of Workover Control System

Umbilical & Hose Reel

Remote Control Panels

Production Hydraulic Power Unit






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Diverter Controls


We custom design and manufacture Diverter Control Units according to your specifications and requirements,  The Diverter Control Unit is a free standing skid unit that provides an easy access point to function the Diverter.

Where applicable, the control system shall be capable of switching the diverted flow from one vent line to the other (e.g., port to starboard) while the diverter packer is closed without shutting in the well.


Key Features

Manipulator Valves provide a means to manually function the Diverter from a local panel, should communication were to be lost.


Gauges are used to visually monitor the system pressure and Needle Valves are used to isolate a circuit for servicing, push buttons control the pressure of the regulated circuits, and Block & Bleed Valves provide a safe means to perform maintenance on the system.

Operating the system is carried out at local Operator panel or the various HMI Panels (MCS, DCP, and TCP). The PDU provides the electrical supply, the HPU & RMU provide the hydraulic supply, and the pneumatic supply comes from rig supplied air.


Hydraulic Power Units


HMC Instrumentation & Controls offers a range of custom designed hydraulic power units ranging from small special purpose systems to large diesel engine powered hydraulic systems. 

Hydraulic Power Units from HMC Instrumentation & Controls are designed, engineered and built for use in all kinds of environments, in configurations to fit available space, and to meet your required specifications and standards. Attention is given to the materials and components to give the power unit a long, energy efficient, and leak-free life. You can count on our expertise to deliver a rugged and reliable hydraulic power units that withstand the most extreme environments and applications.


Features & Options

  • Low to ultra-high operating pressures
  • Custom skids
  • Custom reservoirs
  • 100% tested
  • Single or multiple power circuits
  • Special construction materials
  • Accumulator systems
  • Documentation & Drawings
  • System alarms and indication options
  • Parker connector technology
  • Standard or customer specified coatings
  • Weather-proof or explosion-proof construction

HMC Instrumentation & Controls provides customizable solutions to your HPU needs.

-Safety Quality Teamwork


Wellhead Control Panels



Control systems are custom designed according to your specifications and requirements. These include HPU and/ or Control Modules for either single well or multiple wells. The wellhead panels are designed to control one SSSV & two SSVs. The sequence of closing shall be as per customers requirements. System monitoring devices provide the capability for automatic ESD upon abnormal condition and fusible loop fire protection. The HPU is self contained and integrated with the main panel for convenience and space savings. Accumulators, where required are provided for fluid storage in ESD applications..

Hydraulic pumps are powered by platform gas or air supply. The wellhead control consoles house the master control valve(s), sensors, ESD logic devices, flow-line pilots, manual reset relays, test manifolds, time delay circuitry and monitoring gauges. In case of panels for multi-well applications, each well module can be isolated or replaced without affecting other wells in operation. The control consoles are built from SS316 or SS316L materials for corrosive environments. The components can also be supplied in SS316 as required and available.



Features & Options:
Some of the Features & Options offered include
• ATEX / PED Compliance
• CENELEC / NEMA / CSA Electrical Wiring Standards
• ASME Code compliant fabrication
• Stainless Steel fabrication

• Carbon Steel with Anti corrosive coatings
• API Testing
• On Board PLC Controls
• Hazardous Area Classifications for
Class 1 / Div 2; Class 1 / Div 1 Groups A,B, C, D
• CENELEC Zone 1 / ZONE 2
• Third Party Certification

• Single Well Control
• Multiple Well Control
• Hydraulic / Pneumatic Controls
• Standard & Custom
• Safety Valve Controls
• Process Control