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Safety Quality Teamwork


HMC Instrumentation and Controls is a Texas limited liability company located in Houston that specializes in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic instrumentation packages. We turnkey manufacture custom control systems built to your specifications an requirements.



Safety is everyone’s concern and we take safety very seriously at HMC Instrumentation and Controls. We have established a health, safety, and environment (HS&E) program to address the issues and to be in compliance with the relevant state, and federal regulations for the geographical areas in which we operate.

HMC personnel and staff are trained in the safety policies, procedures and general safety practices as defined in the HSE Manual and each employee is responsible for ensuring their personal safety as well as counseling with fellow employees when they see unsafe acts. It is our goal to be proactive in safety and to constantly improve safety and consistently strive for a safe work place for everyone at all times.


HMC's safety program includes safety awards for proactive safety action and awareness. We believe this provides inccentive and promotes a coroporate culture putting saftey at the forefront of everything. HMC is always looking for ways to improve general safety conciousness throughout our company and the people we are working along side of each day.


HMC Instrumentation & Controls

- Safety Quality Teamwork


Instrument Fitters Safety Award
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